Monday, March 19, 2007

RAFT Assignment 1- Spring Break!

Well, not to brag or anything, but my break was incredibly the most amazing thing in the world. =)
I went down to Acapulco which was warm, sunny, breezy, the perfect weather. I mostly liked all of the activities we did while at our hotel. My family and I brought Tia Robinson along with us for the vacation, so us girls did a lot of things together. Every morning there was a gargantuine, delectable buffet waiting for us by the hotel lobby, and afterwards, we would go down to the beach and boogie-board or play beach volleyball. We would tan and swim all day and at night have some fun playing beach soccer. We were going to ride horses, but we decided to use the money on clubbing instead. We had a lot of fun!
Coming back to school is pretty interesting. I'm excited for my third trimester classes and the new people to meet. But I definitely am not too excited about the weather back here in Minnesota! It'll feel like a big, fun, party-like whoosh of school until summer. I'm just happy to see my friends again!
**~~Peace! ->> Mara