Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation #8

Levy, Dawn. "Researchers envision a hydrogen economy, fueled by wind and new technology." Stanford Report. 24 April 2007.

Dawn Levy, one of the authors from Stanford University, described the distinctions of hydrogen-fueled cars to appeal to the readers who enjoy comparing results and finding reliable data from surveyed research. No age group could be intended, but children younger than sixth grade could have a hard time understanding some of the paragraphs. My other articles so far have proclaimed a lot of information that would be true if a hydrogen-economy was established, but Levy takes the issue into serious consideration and weighs out the possibilities for hydrogen-alternative cars. This article illuminates the fact that the use of hydrogen automobiles is possible and is fast and coming if the programs are pushed forward.

Annotation #7

"E Magazine." E/The Environmental Magazine. 2003. SIRS Knowledge Source. 24 April 2007.

The article published by The Environmental Magazine, by Jeremy Rifkin and Jim Motavalli, is an informative, thorough article which was intended for folks interested in the up-to-date knowledge on hydrogen safety, efficiency, and possibilities. This article was different than others because it had more than one article inside of it including different perspectives of the issue. It illustrated the contradictory conflicts of a new hydrogen economy.

Annotation #6

"Atlantic Monthly." Rocky Mountain Institute. 1994. SIRS Knowledge Source. 24 April 2007.

'Reinventing The Wheels', by Hunter and Amory B. Lovins from Rocky Mountain Institute, was intended for enthusiasts of superefficient cars, their history, possibilities for transportation, and work being done on them. This article is different than the other articles in that it wasn't very up to date and it was terribly long for the meager amount of information. It illuminates the goal of a cleaner car to help the environment.

Annotation #5

"AutoWeek." Crain Communications, Inc. 2005. InfoTrac Student Edition. 24 April 2007.

The article 'Green Cars with a Proof?', published by AutoWeek and Crain Communications, is a detailed, but forward piece intended for teens or older interested in the processes of improving the hydrogen car. It is different than the other articles I have cited because a large chunk of it consists of the possibilities for transporting hydrogen. It highlights the main ideas of why it would be hard to switch to a hydrogen-economy, such as costs, technological challenges, and public awareness.

Annotation #4

"Newsweek International." Newsweek International, Inc. 2004. InfoTrac Student Edition. 24 April 2007.

Newsweek International, reprinted on InfoTrac Student Edition, made an article that is geared towards clientele interested in the production of hydrogen-fueled cars and the uprising industries of China. This article is different than other I have researched from because it is focused directly on China's advancement in hydrogen technology, not the U.S.. The article not only illuminates major predictions for China's hydrogen car industry, but states a few of the technical hurdles the Chinese will have to jump before they can get the cars rolling onto the market.

Annotation #3

"USA Today." Society for The Advancement of Education. 1989. SIRS Knowledge Source. 24 April 2007.

The article written by Michael Renner from USA Today Magazine, copyrighted by the Society for The Advancement of Education, is an informative document open to older readers, mid-teens and up, whom are interested in the history of the auto-industry in the world and general, but surprisingly unknown facts and effects of car production. This article adheres to the automotive issues around the world, rather than just make a few simple comments about America's problems in the industry. It not only illuminates, but detailedly informs the reader about the agricultural, economic, and political conditions of international countries which affected the effort put into the growth of automobiles.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation #2

"Business Week." The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2005. InfoTrac Student Edition. 24 Jan 2005.

Business Week, along with The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. who gave access to it, intended this article for an audience with an interest in the possibility of hydrogen cars coming into the market for use. Compared to the article in Science, it gives a more positive outlook on the installment of hydrogen-focused cars and fueling-stations while trying to stay realistic. Business Week definitely portrays the hydrogen cars with a better chance of going out on the market. This article makes an effort to describe the processes of molecule-splitting and be mindful of the environment while still hitting estimated hydrogen fuel prices for 2010.

Annotation #1

"Science." American Association for the Advancement of Science. 2004. InfoTrac Student Edition. 24 April 2007.

The Robert F. Service News published the article 'The Hydrogen Backlash" with help from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, focusing on a group of people whom are interested in the production, limitations and advancements of hydrogen-fueled cars. This article talks about the high costs of hydrogen cars, the far notion of replacing gasoline-power with them, and the possible pros about them, such as no greenhouse gas pollution and less reliance on foreign oil.