Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 5

Global Climate Issue


The total amount of Earth's ice has been melting and is increasingly decreasing in size in different parts of the world.


Studies have shown liable evidence that repeats itself in different parts of the world. According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, Greenland melted 53 cubic miles of its ice sheet into the sea in 2005. Scientists from the University College of London reported that the Antarctic ice sheet lost 31 cubic kilometers from 1992-1999. Shepard, one of the scientists, stated that this uniform decrease in the Antarctic ice sheet had been steady for eight years before 2001. Philip Mote of University of Washington found that snowpacks in Washington, CA, and Oregon are only fractions of what they were in the '40's, and some aren't even there at all.

Contributing Factors:

Global warming in general is a main factor that contributes to the decline in Earth's ice mass. There are other specific factors that do help speed the process. The decline of ice sheet on the Earth's two poles leaves more sun energy that is not reflected and ends up being absorbed by the Earth's oceans. Warmer waters help speed the process of the ice melting. Also, when the Antarctic and Artic sheets are thawed, they release gases of methane and CO2 from millions of years ago. When the ice melts from them, the gases released in turn help speed the process of global warming in the atmosphere and ultimately decrease the Earth's ice mass.

Possible Solutions:

There are many things that can effect global warming and in turn help slow the process. The main thing to pull out of the effecting chain would be the high amount of industrial gases that are released into the atmosphere. This is the main problem, but there are many connecting contributors. Plastic, rubber, and other synthetic materials could be recycled instead of burned. More fuel-efficient cars could be produced and approved for better gas exhaust conditions. More electric items could be used in the home to remove the use of coal and oil. More subway systems and bus routes could be made to stop the overuse of cars.


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Amazing blog Mara! All your evidence supported your problem statement and your ideas were well-organized. You had a significant amount of evidence, contributing factors, and possible solutions. A+!

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